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A small orchestra of five musicians who are experts on folk music offers a repertoire of partner dances from the eighteenth century (polka, chotis, mazurka, foxtrot, waltz…) and other up-to-date genres ( cumbia, cha-cha…)

Other brisk and easy to learn collective dances from the Mediterranean and central Europe are also included.






GENRE: Folk dancing.

SCENIC SPACE: Indoors / outdoors.

DURATION: 90 minutes (optional break of 15 minutes).

MEMBERS: 5 musicians and 1 entertainer.

INSTRUMENTATION: Grallas, tarota, violin, clarinet, accordión, bass and drums.





STAGE: 8 x 6 x 1 metres.

SOUND AND ILLUMINATION EQUIPMENT: 2.000 w of sound and 6000 of  light included. Others to sum up

POWER POINT: Next to the stage and to be specified in function of design


• Wide and clean space for 6 people. That remains closed or watched over during the performance.
• Services and running water.
• 6 chairs or similar to leave our clothes.
• Located as near as possible from the stage.


• The scenic space has to contemplate an area before the stage adapted to dance.
• The time of assembly and of sound tests is of  approximately three hours and that of disassembly is of one hour.
• Making stage access easy in order to unload sound equipment and other material.

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