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Xarop de Canya is a music and entertainment company born in autumn 1987.


An the beginning, this group, exclusively musical, had in the streets its natural space of performance, where it generally moved between cercaviles and encounter of giants. In spite of this simplicity, the sound peculiarity of the group combined with the use of original costumes and the constant search of the complicity of the public, created a peculiar style, well-known in the field of street entertainment.


Our restlessness to offer something more harnessed the growth of the group, and that early small musical group became enriched with another musicians and, at the same time, opened a door to a new group of entertainers, consisting in a series of characters taken from Catalan and Mediterranean festive tradition. All that allowed a diversification of our show and entertainment offer: concerts, dancing, bigger shows, children entertainment, medieval shows, pregons (announcements) de festa major...


Xarop de Canya has taken part in many cultural and traditional manifestations all around our country: festes majors, sants de barri (patron’s parties), festivals, medieval markets, correfocs, pregons (announcements), meetings, encounters of giants, of bastoners, dancing groups, school performances, business shows, music and theatre fairs, private parties, weddings, children fairs, retinues... On the other hand, Xarop de Canya has not only offered its potential in Catalonia but has also taken part in festive programming in many other places and countries: Valencia, Balearic Islands, Castile, Aragon, Astúrias, Galicia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Corsica, Portugal, Colombia and Chile.


At the moment this company gathers a number of artists coming from different fields of scenic arts: musicians, actors, jugglers, devils, xanquers (characters walking on stilts), dancers, entertainers... and an experienced technical team: costume designers, sound and illumination technicians, stage managers, pyrotechnists, producers... These are some of the ingredients that constitute this refreshing, stimulating, original, invigorating and even aphrodisiac brew called Xarop de Canya.


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