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Here we leave it open for you to ask for any street spectacle you may need.


This street performance can be adapted to any audience: children or adults, and any time of the day: during the day or at night.

The music with traditional roots played with “gralles” (typical Catalan instrument in any folk celebration) and percussion has been brought to the streets so that spectators participate all the time by dancing, jumping, clapping or following the activity leaders whose appearance also comes from our traditions.



GENRE: Passacaglia

SCENIC SPACE: Indoors / outdoors

DURATION: 90 minutes

MEMBERS: Musicians and entertainers

INSTRUMENTATION: Gralles, trombone and percussions

COSTUMES: Mercè Paloma, Romà Martí, Pilar Egea and Umberto Barragán




• Wide and clean space. That remains closed or watched over during the performance.
• Services and running water.
• Chairs or similar to leave our clothes.
• Located as near as possible from the stage.


• A person in charge of the organization who accompanies us during the passacaglia to indicate the route.
• Used spaces have to be free of parked vehicles and cut to the circulation during the performance.

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