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An unexpected dream is the origin of this story where talent and naughtiness characterize L’Home del sac’s assistants who are fed up with his tyranny. They, helped by children, will help “L’Home del sac” to get rid of his bad reputation.






GENRE: Children entertainment

SCENIC SPACE: Indoors / outdoors

DURATION: 60 minutes

MEMBERS: 4 musicians and 2 entertainers

INSTRUMENTATION: Clarinet, accordion, trombone and percussion

COSTUMES: Montse Garrè i Mercè Paloma


ATREZZOS: Xarop de Canya




STAGE: 8 x 6 x 1 metres

SOUND AND ILLUMINATION EQUIPMENT: 2.000 w of sound and 6000 of  illumination included. Others to sum up

POWER POINT: Next to the stage and to be specified in function of design



• Wide and clean space for 6 people. That remains closed or watched over during the performance.
• Services and running water.
• 6 chairs or similar to leave our clothes.
• Located as near as possible from the stage.




• It should be a wide area in front of the stage where childran could dance.
• The time of assembly and of sound tests is of approximately three hours and that of disassembly is of one hour.
• Making stage access easy in order to unload sound equipment and other material.

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