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Show inspired by different cultures of the geographies where we can find a strong presence of camels. A journey full of music, dances, juggling, smells, colors… from the farthest east to the nearest.


Itinerant spectacle with different stops to present visual and paticipation numbers.

Oriental-inspired repertoire. (Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Rajasthan, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Macedonia...)


GENRE: Itinerant spectacle

SCENIC ESPACE: Preferably outdoor

DURATION: 90 minutes

MEMBERS: Musicians, stilts walkers with camels, dancers and juggler

INSTRUMENTATION: Dolçaina, tarota, gralla, bulgarian bagpipe, trombone, djembe, derbouka, dholak and percussions 

COSTUMES: Xarop de Canya

VEHICLE: Carro-babutxa



• Wide and clean space. That remains closed or watched over during the performance.
• Services and running water.
• Chairs or similar to leave our clothes.


• A person in charge of the organization who accompanies us during the passacaglia to indicate the route.
• Used spaces have to be free of parked vehicles and cut to the circulation during the performance.

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