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Repertoire created for use on the soundtrack or other shows to present it in concert format.


Arrangements of popular topics and themes of the author, combining ancient timbre sounds with other more modern taste, humor, amazing costumes, audience participation ...

There is also lack features that characterize Xarop de Canya, a combination of the search for new ways of expression and interaction with the public, with the recovery of the catalan tradition and nearby environments.





GENRE: Street band / Fanfare Mediterranean

SCENIC SPACE: Outdoors / Indoors / Itinerant / Concert

DURATION: 75 a 90 minutes

MEMBERS: 9 musicians

INSTRUMENTATION: 1 gralla, 1 dolçaina en Fa, soprano sax, 2 trombones, tuba, caixa, djembé and bass drum.

COSTUMES: Mercé Paloma, Pilar Egea and Xarop de Canya





• Wide and clean space for 9 people. That remains closed or watched over during the performance.
• Services and running water.
• 9 chairs or similar to leave our clothes.
• Located as near as possible from the stage.


• Used spaces have to be free of parked vehicles and cut to the circulation during the performance.

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